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     Welcome to my 1st Gen Suzuki  
Katana - S site, supporting 1981,  
1982, 1983 and 1984 classic Suzuki  
katana gs(x) 750s,gs(x) 1000s and  
gs(x) 1100s motorcycles.

     In 1981 Suzuki produced one of  
the most important motorcycles  
ever made. The Suzuki Katana is  
the grandfather of the modern  
sport bikes today. With its  
extraordinary lines and sleek  
design, the Suzuki katana became  
a legend among motorcycle  
enthusiasts. Even today, over  
three decades later, this big kat is  
still being hunted by old and young  
alike to restore and customize.

     Here you will find information,  
parts, videos, pictures, and tips on  
customizing your katana.  
Occasionally even katanas are for  
sale.  One the custom page you  
will see the katanas I have built  
and on other pages how I built  
     I have been told this site has been inspiring, helpful and a cost savings for those who have wanted to custom build their own Suzuki katana. If you find this site has helped you or saved you time and money with your project, please consider a Paypal donation to to help with the costs of maintaining this site. Thanks you, and enjoy the site!
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1982 1100 katana with 1150 motor
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