1983 1166
   Many people love the stock cosmetics with the updated, well, everything. It caught the attention of Streetfighter UK magazine and they asked me if they could feature the bike in one of their issues. I was honored!
     Like many of my other builds, this began with a seller's pick up truck full of boxes and baskets. Buddy told me there were lots of extra stuff and some performance parts too. Well, there wasn't, and there wasn't. Like the Yoshi stage I and stage II cams and HD clutch basket he mentioned. On the bright side, it did have several cracks in the  cylinder head that he didn't charge me for, and another Katana escaped the wreckers and made it back onto the road. I hope you like it.

This Katana comes along with a generous amount of  GSXR parts, Extended Bandit 1200 swing arm, Bandit wheels, Armless '93 rear caliper setup, 33mm smooth bore carbs, then moved to 36 flatslides, '92 GSXR frontend, 320mm EMC rotors with adapters, top end oiler, Custom Works Shocks and a load of Hrs. Followed by a load of miles with a grin from ear to ear.

rob wilton

blue katana 1100
gs1100sd katana motor
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British Columbia Canada