black katana title
1982 yoshimura style katana 1100
     1982 Katana 1100 with a load of changes. The running gear is off a ZZR1200 and I would not do that conversion again. A friend of mine and fellow Katana lover in Toronto fitted the running gear on this bike, including 3" top fork tube extensions to bring the forks to stock katana length. The owner of the bike was a local BC guy so he had all the bike parts shipped back to me in BC to put everything together and finish the build. I finished off the swing arm with needed plenty of modifications to the pivot to fit.

     The owner also wanted a 1980 GS1100e tail cowl which required modification to the seat frame and cowl. Modifications included custom hand painted graphics, Suzuki Hayabusa rear sets, complete engine rebuild with 1166cc kit, keyless ignition, aftermarket clocks  and lots more. It was a big job. The owner left for a thousand mile ride through the mountains the day he got it back.
1982 711 katana
gs1100sz black katana
katana rear sets 1982 custom
yoshimura katana tank
1982 katana braced frame
1982 katana vapor speedometer

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British Columbia Canada