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     I am an original katana owner. Bought my first katana in 1982 after squeaking my Kawasaki 500 triple two stroke on the highway. Center cylinder locked up at 100mph. Well, I had had about enough of that nonsense, so I walked into a Suzuki dealer and asked for the fastest bike they make. Buddy walked me over to one weird looking silver bullet they called a GS1100SZ. In Europe, they were GSX but in Canada and the USA they were just GS.

     Didn't take me long to start the modifications on it even back then. I sold it some years later because I needed a car for work and didn't own another one until 1990s. By then, what were bad brakes and weak suspension was even more evident so I began a resto-mod. I build one of my kats online, on the gsresources site and it had around 60,000 views. Who know this bike was so popular?

     This site was spawned to alleviate the multitude of emails, questions and requests for information. I have posted some of the more common mods here so others can benefit from my mistakes and triumphs. If you find the site helpful, time saving and or money saving, please consider a donation to keep the site going. Or, buy some parts on my katana parts site.

     I have been honored by having several of my builds featured in motorcycle magazines. Two bikes made it into Canadian Biker Magazine, and into Streetfighters, Fastbikes and superstreetbikes magazines. As well, my Atomic orange 1260 katana placed first in our local motorcycle show and shine competition.

Enjoy the site and I hope you find it helpful and informative.
Cheers, Katman!

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