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    Thanks for visiting my custom Katana page. I fell in love with the Katana back in 1982 when I purchased my first one, a 1982 GS1100sz katana. It was so different I just had to have one. My Kawasaki 500 H1 triple was great, but I needed something more substantial in power and reliability.

     I sold my first Katana back in 1985 to buy a Cobra 5.0 Mustang. The car was great, especially in the rain and snow, but I never got over that Katana. Fast forward to mid 1990s when I was able to buy an 83 1100 off a work mate. Fifteen minutes into the ride the motor ceased when a lack of oil to the head caused a major meltdown, turning my cylinder head into a boat anchor.
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     That is what started me on the journey into customizing my first Katana. I wanted better brakes, better handling, better rubber, and a more modern look. The rest is history and several years later, I had built many Katanas of varying styles and tastes. I guess I was making up for the years I regretted selling my first Katana. The custom Katanas on this site are a selection of the ones I have built over the years, I hope you like them.

     I have been honored to have had a couple bikes featured in Canadian and international magazines. The one comment that keeps coming up is that the bikes don't look over thirty years old. In the early 2000s when Kawasaki came out with the ZRX 1200R, I was having people ask me where they could get one of the new Katanas. Though the Katana was manufactured decades ago, they styling remains contemporary today, as it should, the katana is the father of modern sport bike styling.
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