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     An 1100e stator or stator cover will not fit a katana. The katana uses a smaller stator, the same one that is in the 750 katana.
     There are many opinions here. 33mm Mikuni smoothbores or 34mm Mikuni flat slide carbs are plenty for the street on an 1100/1166 katana. They are smaller venturi carburetors that create a higher velocity and more usable low and midrange street performance.
     Changing from stock 630 to 530 is a very good idea. More selection, better chains and a weight savings of up to 8 lbs.
Many think the 530 chains are too weak but a 200hp hayabusa uses a 530 chain. Your katana is safe. I have even used 520 chain sets on 1166cc performance motors. If converting a stock katana, you will need a 6mm spaced front sprocket which you can get from my parts  page; www.parts.suzuki-katana.com. If you buy a sprocket and spacer, the spacer goes on the outside of the sprocket, not behind it.

     It is easier to think of gearing as a factor of tooth number rather than diameter. A 15 tooth GSX1100S front 630 sprocket is the same size as an 18 tooth 530 sprocket. A 630 rear sprocket with 42 teeth has a 250mm diameter. The same size 530 sprocket has 50 teeth. Don't confuse size with tooth number. Where it can become a concern is if the chain is close to the swing arm pivot, so a 15t 530 may not be ideal depending on the swing arm you are using. A good website for gearing is www.gearingcommander.com. I use and sell, 17 tooth front sprockets and 48t rear sprocket on my 180/55-17 wheel equipped katanas for stock gearing. The final gear ratio of an 1100 katana is 2.8, rear sprocket divided by the front (42/15=2.8) 48/17=2.82.

     If you are wanting some more grunt in the bottom end you want to decrease the teeth on the front sprocket or increase the rear. Conversely if you do the opposite your RPMs on the highway will be lower.
     When you got your katana, it probably had a 130/90-17 tire on it. (The stock tire for the 1982 and 1983 gs1100s Katana is 114/88-17 (4.50v 17)) This has already changed your gearing by 3 mph (5 kph) @ 4000 rpm. The 130 tire is larger than the stock one so you may have noticed you are traveling 66 mph (106.5 kph) @ 4000 rpm instead of 62 mph (100 kph) you would have been with the stock tire.

     If you convert to a 1993 GSX-R front end, you don't have to worry about your speedometer. It will read correctly with the GSX-r speedo drive on the wheel. You do have to do is buy a GSX-R speedo cable as your katana cable will not thead into the drive unit at the GSXR front wheel.
     The katana has some differences from the gs1100e 4v motor. Piston rods are stronger and the cranks are different. The katana uses a smaller stator as mentioned above and the taper is smaller so you cannot use a larger rotor. The '82 crank is not welded, the '83 is partially welded. Thank you to a website subscriber for the chart to the right on crank taper compatibility


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     See the wiring page
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There are two oil galleries on either side of the filter cover that you can run the cooler to. You will need some adapters to thread into the engine. They can be purchased from www.parts.suzuki-katana.com. I use AN-6 steel braided oil lines and fittings. The Earl's "wide" 10 row cooler fits very well into the space occupied by the stock plastic grill.
GS1100 OIL
     All GS1100 engines are equipped with a high-volume, low-pressure oil pump. Normal oil pressure is > 0.1 kg/cm2 (1.42 psi) and < 0.5kg/cm2 (7.11 psi) at 3,000rpm. You can use 4v 750 oil pump gears to increase pressure. GS1150/1100 gears are 34/33 ratio. Pump turns 1.03 x for each clutch rotation. GS/GSX 750 gears are 38/29 ratio. Pump turns 1.31 x for each clutch rotation.
    The GS1150ef oil filter cover has a restriction in it to force oil up the oil gallery to the cooler. Without this cover little oil gets up to the cooler. If you ever remove the cooler, replace the 1100 filter cover or your engine will not see any oil and squeek!
     Very controversial. I use them. I have tested the ones on my bikes and there is no pressure loss when using them. There are some who believe they are a detriment to the motor. Interesting to note, road racing teams never used them but drag racers do. I melted a camshaft and head one summer from insufficient oil. So I bought one. They are also needed if you go to heavy duty studs as they are larger diameter restricting oil from getting to the top end. Its your call.
     I have read debates on the effects of top end oiling kits and oil coolers on gs1100 engine oil pressure. Because the pressure is so low on these roller crank engines there are some who believe that pressure drops when these extras are installed. I have measured pressures with and without the cooler and top end oiler and found no differences in pressure readings. I took readings from the oil sensor location as well as the right hand access port at the base of cylinder 4

•  Stock GS1100 gearing is 15/42

•  Recommend 530 pitch 17/48 or 17/49 gearing with GSXR 180 tire conversion. 48T is 2 mph faster @8500rpm, 49T slightly slower but better low end torque.

•  42T 630 sprocket larger diameter than 50T 530 sprocket

•  5/8" offset sprocket needed with GSXR 180/55/17 Conversion / stock swing arm

•  Bandit swing arm conversion requires special offset (available on parts site)

•  Early 90s GSXR 750/1100 speedo same gearing as GS
and fits katana speedo. Just make sure cable is long enough, use 1100 cable.

•  Check 530 chain width B4 buying - some are as wide as your old 630 chain.
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