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Katana fork length 32"
Katana oil cooler gallery  fittings 14x1.5
Kat swingarm length 21.5"
Kat stock shock length 13"
Kat piston pin 18mm
1150 piston pin 20mm
Suzuki brake banjo bolt 10x1.0mm
Tokico 6 piston banjo bolt 10x1.25mm
GS pivot width 226mm
Kat rotor/hanger spacer 23.5mm
Oil filter cap 30x1.5
Oil pan  drain plug 14x1.25
R/S oil gallery bolt 14x1.25
Cam link bolts 14x1.25
1991/95 GSXR 750 fork length 29"- 29.5"
1991/95 GSXR 750 fork diameter 50/54mm
1991/95 GSXR 1100 fork diameter 52/56mm
VIN number decoder
Torque Chassis Torque Motor Torque Misc Specs 1
Torque Chassis Torque Motor Torque Misc Specs 1
Specs 2 Timing 1100 Timing 1000 Flywheel / Airbox
Specs 2 Timing 1100 Timing 1000 Flywheel / Airbox
The specifications on this page are pertinent to the gs(x)1000 and gs(x)1100 Suzuki katana. There is some overlap  
for the gs(x) 750 katana but I have always removed the 750cc engine and replaced it with the 1100cc or larger.  

The gs1100 engine is easily installed with adapted lower motor mounts. The remaining mounts are the same. No  
need to change the wiring harness either. The oil pressure wire does needs to be modified.
Many Suzuki parts are interchangeable over
many years and models
Collection of data sheets for quick review
1983 gs750e header will not fit a 1983 750
Charging system
Fault Check
Dyna 2000
Mikuni Flat Slides
Dyna S Trouble
Dyna Revlimiter
Dyna S Install
Headlight / Relay
Modification Guide
First katana frame numbers
Katana Info pdf
Jet Trouble Shooting
Katana Color Codes
RS Tuning
Pop Up Katana
Service Manual
1982, 1983 750/1000/1100 katana headers
are interchangeable
suzuki katana information pdf
gs1100 katana color codes
katana frame numbers
suzuki vin number decoder
33 smoothbore
suzuki charging system fault check
suzuki dyna 2000
suzuki gs katana dyna s
suzuki gs dyna s
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