This is the Katana nuts and bolts page. Here you will find a variety of specifications, information sheets and data pertinent to the gs(x)1000 and gs(x)1100 Suzuki Katana. There is some overlap for the gs(x) 750 Katana as the frame and cosmetics are exactly the same as her big brothers. The only difference is the lower motor mounts on the 750.
Stock Fork length 32"
Swing Arm Length 21.5" long
Shock Length Eye to Eye 13"
Suzuki Brake Banjo 10x1.0mm
Tokico Banjo10x1.25mm
GS Pivot Shaft226mm
Oil Pan Plug14x1.125mm
Oil Filler Cap30x1.5mm
Top End Oiler Banjos14x1.25mm
Oil Cooler Engine Fittings14x1.25mm
91-95 GSXR 750 Fork Diameter50mm / 54mm
91-95 GSXR 1100 Fork Diameter 52mm / 56mm
96-98 GSXR 1100 Fork Diameter 50mm / 56mm
Do not try to mix and match triple trees. Don't mess around with something this critical to your survival.

katana specifications 1
Dimensions, Weights, Engine

katana specifications 2
Chassis, Electrical, Capacities

katana flywheel
Fly Wheel, Airbox

750 katana se manual
Pop Up Manual

torque engine katana
Bold Torque Engine

torq chassis katana
Bold Torque Chassis

katana bolt torque
Bold Torque Misc

wiring diagram 1982 katana
1982 Wiring Diagram

katana poster
Katana Models

color chart
Color Codes

katana vinl number decoder
Vin Decoder

1982 katana owners manual
What is says

Welcome to the Katana technical pages. This site is the result of my years of experience upgrading 1982 and 1983 GS750 / 1100 Katanas with wheels, suspension and brakes to more modern versions. The site also has other information of interest to both Katana and other GS owners.

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   Information on this site is my personal experiences and experiments with modifications. I am not a licensed mechanic. Any changes to handling, braking or anything else described on this site are for entertainment purposes only. I do not recommend that anyone make changes to their motorcycle without checking with a licensed professional.

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