•  You can mount a 5.5" GSXR wheel into your stock GS swing arm with stock axle

•  '93 - '95 GSXR or '98 - '02 Bandit 1200 wheels work well

•  None of the original Katana wheels, brake parts can be used other than rear axle

•  '93-'95 GSXR 1100 speedo cable fits katana speedo and registers correct speed. Always verify length

•  Not all 180 tires are the same width. Dunlop makes one of the widest and can cause clearance issues

•  5.5" '92 - '95 GSXR wheel requires a 0.490" sprocket side spacer to center the wheel and align with 5/8" offset sprocket

5.5" Wheel / 180 Tire Conversion

     When upgrading your GS to a 5.5" wheel, 180mm tire and brakes, get the complete GSXR wheel assemblies, rear 5.5" wheel, brakes and spacers. Your GS tire wheel conversion will need custom cut spacers on the sprocket side to align the wheel and may have to do the same on the brake side. Mixing and matching is a head ache.

     One of the less troublsome conversions is the 1993 - 1995 GSXR 750 or 1100 wheels with the armless rear caliper setup. All you need to do is weld a simple receiver onto the inner side of your swing arm and your good to go. If you buy the complete 1993 front end it will bolt up the quickest and even the steering stops will work with your GS.

Converstion Parts

 Posted on Friday, November 17, 2017
You can buy conversion parts on the Katana Parts site linked above and below.
katana conversion rear brake
katana conversion rear brake

Brake Side Spacer

      The early to mid '90s spacer that goes between the hanger and the  wheel bearing are different, don't mix and match. Some years wheels have a more inset rotor too so the hangers and calipers are different as well. For simplicity, use the same year brake components as the wheel. In the picture, the '93 spacer is reversed, the narrow end contacts the wheel bearing.

katana conversion spacers

GS vs GSXR Hub

     When converting to the 180 tire / 5.5" rear wheel, you need to use the original GS sprocket hub or your going to run into clearance problems. The Bandit and GSXR hubs are wider than the GS but the GS sprocket hub fits, as long as you are using early 90s GSXR wheels, or 1st gen Bandit 1200 wheels.

     Another thing to be careful off is using the correct hub spacer because the GS and GSXR are different lengths. Depends on the wheel, check the fit of the hub so there is no play in spacer or you will destroy the bearing.

katana conversion rear hub

katana conversion rear hub bushings
NOTE: With a Bandit 1200 swing arm conversion, the stock Bandit sprocket side spacer can be used. It has a larger diameter than the GS so the seal in the GS hub needs to be changed to a bandit seal. If your wheel came with a hub, swap out the seals.
180 tire conversion
    5.5" GSXR wheel with 180 tire fitted to a stock GS1100 swing arm. Always confirm measurements for yourself. This is an example of one build I did.

6" & Newer Wheels

6 inch wheels don't play well with the Katana. I tried mounting a set of '96-'99 SRAD wheels but they cannot be centered in the frame without notching it for the chain run. You can however do what many Hyabusa builders do, and that is offset the rear wheel. I don't like that idea, so I stick with early and mid 90s wheels, or the first gen Bandit 1200 wheels, which are old GSXR wheels anyway.

A 5.5" wheel is the widest that will mount into a stock GS or Bandit 1200 swing arm.

Speedometer Cable

The early 90's GSXR front wheels have compatible speedo set ups for the Katana, where as the later Bandits and SRAD do not. Be careful though and check cable lengths. I have bought GSXR cables in the past on recommendations and they were too short. The Katana clocks sit higher than the GSXR so use an 1100 GSXR cable which is longer. I have used after market clocks for many years now but, I believe the 1992-93 GSXR 1100 cable will work.

The GSXR speedometer cable will thread into the Katana clocks but the Katana speedometer cable will not work with the GSXR wheel. Also, the speed will be correct.
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   Information on this site is my personal experiences and experiments with modifications. I am not a licensed mechanic. Any changes to handling, braking or anything else described on this site are for entertainment purposes only. I do not recommend that anyone make changes to their motorcycle without checking with a licensed professional.

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